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Anonymous Asked: How do you get Meet and Greet passes for a Panic! Show?

During the Vices and Virtues tour, they gave out meet and greet passes to every like 100 people (or it could have been the evens of the first hundred) who bought concert tickets.

Sarah, are you saving me?

arcticmonkeyssssssssssss Asked: I will be seeing Panic! later this month at 7 PM. Seeing as this will be my first time seeing them in concert, do you have any advice about what time to get there, etc? Thank you so much and I love your blog!

Truthfully, it completely depends on the venue, entirely. With big venue concerts I’ve always arrived a couple hours early if I’ve had GA. If there are seats then at least an hour before. At the really small venue here in Arizona, The Marquee, I showed up during the first band and was still barricade by the time Panic came on. In Houston at the House of Blues (another small venue), we were there hours before, but I had Meet and Greet passes, so we had a late lunch and I got to skip the line. Any out door concerts I’ve been to, we went late morning, but they were always things like Warp Tour with different stages. As a rule of thumb though, if you don’t know the venue, plan way ahead. If you want to be close, you’re going to have to tough it out for several hours at some places, but some venues have rules against when you can line up. Best thing you can do is google the venue and look for reviews from other concerts by people who have been there.


So tonight I had a lot on my mind and when I’m stressed out, I work on random things…here is tonight’s result. I have decided Kenneth is an action hero. Enjoy.