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@tonytouchmarino: End of a great couples of shows in Brazil in Brasila. #PATD #tourlife #goforfriendship http://t.co/ekaVLKpgVL

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Anonymous Asked: what was ur experience like? (meeting brendon)

He was really sweet, very easy to talk to and personable. I actually spent time talking to him about Sarah, and it was cute how he got about her. All the guys were really cool though. It was during the V&V tour, so I had the chance to meet Spencer and Ian as well. 

Anonymous Asked: Have you ever met Brendon or seen them in concert?

Yep! Met him once and I’ve seen him in concert twice. 


an hour and half pencil drawing because I’ve been neglecting the tonal drawings


Oh my


I drew Brendon Urie today :)image